Darshan in the UK – Visit

Mother Meera in London, April 2018

We are very happy to announce that Mother Meera will give Darshan in London
on Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th April, 2018
Timing and Venue
  • On Tuesday 3rd April there will be 4 sessions; at 10am, 1pm, 4pm and 7pm.
  • On Wednesday 4th April there will only be 2 sessions; at 10am and 1pm.
  • The doors open, and check-in begins, 1 hour before the above Darshan start times.
  • Please arrive in plenty of time, especially if you are bringing children or have mobility issues.
  • If you arrive more than an hour before the start time you may have to wait outside before you are allowed in.
  • Reservations must be made on the mothermeera.com website - click here to see detailed instructions.
  • If you have not used this system before then you will need to register to create an account - click here to register as a new user.
  • If you have used the system before then click here to log in. You will need your email address and password (click here if you have forgotten your password).
  • Once you have registered or logged in you will see "Mother Meera's Calendar". Choose "United Kingdom" from the "Country" list and you will see the darshan sessions in London. Then click on your desired session. If you want to add other people (family, friends etc) to your reservation then click "Add attendee". Then REMEMBER to click "Save registration" or your RESERVATION WILL BE LOST. If everything is in order you will be sent a confirmation email (nb: do not worry if you don't receive the email, as long as the web page confirms your reservation your name(s) will be on our check-in lists).
  • Please do NOT print your reservation, it's a waste of paper and is not needed as your name(s) will be on our check-in lists.
  • The reservation system allows you to cancel or make changes to your reservation yourself. Full details are provided in the instructions. If, after reading the instructions, you still need assistance then please contact us.
Please CLICK HERE if you have issues with MOBILITY or KNEELING
Please CLICK HERE if you will be bringing CHILDREN or BABIES
  • Please note that you are only allowed ONE darshan for the whole visit, NOT one darshan each day.
  • Mother will not be visiting other cities in the UK during this visit and currently there are no plans for her to do so in 2018. If you want her to visit your city then the advice we always give is to write to her and ask. There are no guarantees but if enough people ask then she may decide to come.
  • Please help to spread the word about Mother's UK visit - click the image below to download an A5 poster announcing the event. You can either email this to people you know who might be interested or print it and put up copies in your local area, for example in libraries, community centres, yoga and meditation groups, health food shops and other display boards. If you would like us to send you some printed copies then please get in touch.
  • To find information about visits by Mother to Ireland please go to mothermeeraireland.com.