How to book a place for Darshan or Meditation

How to book a place for Darshan or Meditation

The steps below assume that you have already logged into your account on If you haven't then do so but if you don't know how then you will need to read one or both of How to register yourself on and How to log in to and what to do if you have forgotten your password.

You should see a list of upcoming events (i.e. Darshans or in-person Meditations) which looks something like this (obviously the events will be different):

The "Filter Events" block at the top allows you to filter the list, for example, to show only those events that are happening in a particular country. This can be used as a quick way of showing the events that are coming up in the UK. Below that is a list of events in date and time order.

NB: if you click the little to the right of an event description you will get more information about the event and the location where it is to be held (e.g. directions). The other icon to the right of that is a representation of how many seats are available to book. Hover over it for further info.

If you wish to book a place at an event simply click the blue "Add" button to its right. It will change to an orange/brown "Marked" icon. If you change your mind then click it again and it will change back to a blue "Add".

When you have one or more events marked the list looks something like this:

Note that two things have changed:

  • Below the "Direction" block on the right, instead of saying "no events have been marked" there is now a blue button labelled "Book the 2 marked events" (the text will change depending on how many events you have marked).
  • On days where more than one event is listed and you have marked one of them the other events now have buttons labelled "Limited". This is because you are only allowed to attend one Darshan or Meditation per day.

When you are happy with your selection click the blue "Book..." button on the right to move to the next step, where you will see this:

This is your 'basket' (i.e. just like a shopping basket in online shopping). You can return to this page if you have moved elsewhere by clicking the shopping basket icon along the top (between "Account" and the UK flag). If you wish you can remove an event from your basket by clicking the red 'dustbin' icon to its right. nb: the events shown are not the same as those that were shown as being marked on the previous page above, please disregard that for the purpose of these instructions.

The main function of this page is to allow you, if you wish, to add one or more other people to your booking. You do this by clicking the underlined "Create Attendee" link. Note that there is a separate link for each event. If you don't want to add anyone else you should just click the "Next" button - Click here to jump to the point in these instructions where that continues. Otherwise, if you do wish to add someone and you click the "Create Attendee" link, this page appears:

Adding an Attendee

Note: This is used if you are adding someone who you haven't added before. If you have made bookings before and have created attendees then you can use the "My Friends" link on the previous page to add them. Use of the "My Friends" page, which is also accessible via the "Account" drop-down menu, is not covered in these instructions but if you got this far we expect you will find it fairly self-explanatory.

So, to add a new attendee enter their first and last names. If you wish to add them to all the events you are booking move the "Add this attendee to all events" switch to the right.

If the attendee is a child (under 17) you should move the "Child" switch to the right. You will then need to enter their date of birth (where it says "Birthday").

Here is an example attendee (and in this instance it is a child):

When you have entered all the appropriate information you will need to tick the declaration beneath it and then click the "Submit" button. The "Booking" page then reappears and updates as follows:

It now shows your name and also the attendee's name. Note that the attendee's name appears on both of the events shown but it is only ticked on the event where you clicked the "Create Attendee" link (and you did not move the "Add this attendee to all events" switch). If now you do wish to include the attendee on other event then you can simply tick it.

If you only want to book a place for the attendee but don't wish to attend the event yourself you can untick your own name on the left (shown here as Fred Bloggs).

If you wish to add more people click the "Create Attendee" link again. Once you have finished click the "Next" button to proceed.

Confirming Your Booking

At this point the "Booking" page should appear as follows:

Verify that the bookings are as you want them to be. You may also see a message to say that "You have not yet subscribed to the following locations". This appears if you haven't elected to subscribe to the location(s) referred to in the events you are booking. If you do wish to receive an email should further events be arranged at the location(s) shown then do not untick them. Any subscription made here will be reflected on the "My Subscriptions" page which is accessible from the "Account" drop-down menu at the top.

To confirm and complete the booking procedure click the "Finish Booking" button. You will then see a "Confirmation" page which shows the events you have just booked. Like so...

You will receive an email confirming your booking and containing tickets for them.

Click the "View My Bookings" button to show a complete list of all of your bookings (i.e. which may be more than those you have just booked, if you previously made other bookings). The "My Bookings" page can also be accessed via the "Account" drop-down menu at the top and it looks something like this:

If you wish you may modify a booking (e.g. to delete it or add or remove an attendee) by clicking the blue icon to the right. There are also 3 "Download" links at the bottom for:

  • If you are viewing your bookings list on your phone you can download tickets (as a PDF document) which can be shown on it.
  • You can download a PDF document showing a list of your bookings together with location information.
  • You can download an ICS file which can be imported into a calendar app either on your phone or computer.

IMPORTANT: In the UK there is no need to print your tickets, it is just a waste of paper, as when you come to the event you will be checked in by someone with a list of everyone who has booked, simply give your name.