How to subscribe to the mailing list on

How to subscribe to the mailing list on

The mailing list on allows you to subscribe to any number of locations that Mother Meera may visit in order to give Darshan or an in-person Meditation. These locations include ones in the UK as well as many others worldwide. You choose which locations you are interested in, and are prepared to travel to. If you are only interested in events in the UK then it is perfectly possible to specify this.

When you subscribe to a location, if an event is arranged to be held there, you will be sent an email to let you know so that you can then, if you wish, return to and book a place for yourself.

The steps below assume that you have already logged into your account on If you haven't then do so but if you don't know how then you will need to read one or both of How to register yourself on and How to log in to and what to do if you have forgotten your password.

Click the word "Account" on the top bar. A menu will drop down which looks like this:

Pop-up menu that appears when are logged into and you click Account on the top bar

Click "My Subscriptions". You should then see a screen which looks something like this:

Shows which locations you are subscribed to. You will be sent an email if Darshan is planned to take place at one of the locations you have ticked.

The locations are arranged, firstly in alphabetical order by country and then by town/city. Tick the boxes next to the locations you are interested in and which you are prepared to travel to should Mother Meera arrange Darshan there. For UK subscribers we would generally recommend that you tick all of the UK locations (Manchester, London, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Liverpool) however you may wish to only tick some of these. Remember though that if Mother comes to the UK she will almost certainly visit London and many times will not actually visit any other city.

Then click the "Save" button bottom right. You should see a confirmation that looks something like this (the image has been chopped off at the bottom):

Example showing all 5 UK locations ticked

You can now either log out or click "Events" at the top to view upcoming Darshan or Meditation events.