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Message from Mother Meera, April 5, 2021
Dear Volunteers and Devotees, the last Darshans were held at Schaumburg on March 8, and in Munich on March 10, 2020.

Giving Darshans in cities and countries, and traveling.

All was so extraordinarily well arranged by volunteers everywhere. Everything was extremely well done: the long and short drivings from Darshan Hall to Darshan Hall, from hotel to hotel, home to home, and airport to airport; your devotion, happy smiles and joyful faces; your good services and your cooking good food for me; your singing. Now I am missing all of you.

This year 2021, I am not expecting to give Darshans in Schaumburg nor to travel. But I am there with you every day in the online Meditation “Wherever you are”.

Many people are asking about vaccinations. My opinion is better to take it, but the decision is up to you. People I know who have already received the vaccination are doing well.