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Any book which is not available either in Schaumberg, on-line at the Mother Meera Bookshop, or from a reputable publisher through an established bookshop, is not authorised by Mother Meera - whatever the claims of the author.


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Volunteers Needed

Mother Meera is expanding her schools in Madanapalle, India, and volunteers are urgently needed!

If you have the time and the necessary skills please contact Cherry Hardy at who will supply you with full details of what is needed now.

You can also find more information on the Mother Meera India web site:


Live Streaming of Darshan in Germany

Every Sunday evening, when Mother is giving Darshan in Germany, there will be live (and free) video streaming over the internet of the last part of the Darshan. What you will see is Mother’s collective blessing at the end, after the last person has received their personal Darshan and where Mother sits silently with closed eyes for about 3 to 4 minutes.

The starting time depends on the number of people receiving Darshan and is therefore not fixed. The evening Darshan at Schaumburg always starts at 7pm German time (1 hour ahead of the UK) and may end around 8pm or 8:15 pm (depending on the number of visitors). You can check on the calendar (CLICK HERE) to find out whether Mother is giving Darshan at Schaumburg on any particular Sunday.

To view the video streaming:

  • Go to the Livestream (CLICK HERE) web page. This link should bring you to the Mother Meera page on Livestream, if you don’t see it, search for “Mother Meera”.
  • Click "Log In" on the top-right and then either log in using your Facebook account or click "Join Livestream" and then "Join with Email" to create a Livestream account using your email address.
  • If you “follow” Mother Meera you will receive information when the livestream starts.


To ensure that you are notified as soon as
Mother Meera plans another visit to the UK please, if you have not done so already, CLICK HERE to register on our newsletter mailing list.


Do you travel by car or van to Germany
for Mother's Darshan?

If so then please contact us at and let us know when you might be going and where you are based in the UK.


Mother Meera Meditation Groups

Mother has recently indicated that people can form groups in Her name. Groups could be for silent meditation, japa or readings from Mother’s books, discussions, etc. If you would be interested in forming such a group then please contact us by sending an email, with brief details, to . We will then post the information on this web site with location and contact details.

Birmingham Mother Meera Meditation Group
This group meets every Tuesday evening for 2 hours with 1 hour of meditation being followed by discussion based on Mother's teachings. The venue is The Well Natural Health Centre, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 7EU. For further details please contact Davinder Khaira on 07773 350748, email .

London Mother Meera Meditation Group
This group meets in Richmond (TW10 6AQ) at irregular intervals (but usually on a Sunday, once a month). For further details please contact Sarah on 01608 674550 or 07969 101724, email

Stroud Mother Meera Meditation Group
This group meets at 7:30pm on the first Friday of each month. For further details please contact June Clarke on 07969 972124, email .

Lancaster Mother Meera Meditation Group
This group meets on the second Tuesday of each month. Sessions begin at 7pm and last about 45 minutes. The venue is Dacrelands Centre for Health, Aldrens Lane, Skerton, Lancaster LA1 2DU (web site: ). For further details, including confirmation of the dates, please contact Pierre on 01524 732677, email .


An excerpt from: Mother Meera Answers

"It is not necessary to sit and meditate many hours to get light. The light will come in its own way. One has to practice one's path regularly without worrying about the result. The light occurs spontaneously, like the blossoming of a flower."

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