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The book department has 7 books available:

Mother's LightMother's Light
A collection of stories of experiences with Mother by UK devotees.
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Answers Part IAnswers Part I
This book is at once Mother Meera's own answers to the questions devotees have put to Her over many years concerning Her identity, Her work, and Her way, and an account of the working of the Divine Mother in the world.
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Answers Part IIAnswers Part II
In this second book we see Her full awareness of the world, Her understanding of the difficulties and sufferings and most practical solutions for the problems of everyday life, of different relationships, family life, work and also the spiritual life. We see Her Love for humanity, Her intense interest in the material and worldly welfare of people.
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The MotherThe Mother, by Adilakshmi
This book reports some experiences of Mother Meera, has a short question and answer section, and includes testimonies of devotees.
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Mother's GraceMother's Grace
This slim hardback combines Mother's answers to new questions, beautiful accounts by devotees of their experiences with Mother, and photos from Mother's October 2010 US tour.
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Bringing Down The LightBringing Down The Light
The radiant paintings in this book are watercolor depictions by Mother Meera of the after-death states. Painted after the death of Her close devotee and uncle, Mr. Reddy, they record Her direct perception of the subtle realms through which we all will eventually travel. They stand as a uniquely authoritative document that demonstrates that the soul of the seeker can expect the loving protection and guidance of the Divine Mother in death, as in life.
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Children's BookChildren's Book
Since January 2011 a children's hour, in which children of darshan visitors can partake, has taken place at Schaumburg. The children play, sing, listen to stories, learn Yoga and meditate together with Mother Meera.

A team supervises the children's hour during which the children are not only entertained but their attention is also led to the higher values of life. At the end a photo is taken of the group with Mother. Then parents and children join the evening darshan.

The great response to this children's hour inspired the creation of this album with photos and testimonies of children and their parents. This album aims to depict how children and parents experience Mother Meera's loving care for the children and the transforming power of these meetings.

The book contains photos of the children with Mother Meera and text in 3 languages - German, French and English.
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