Darshan Etiquette

Mother's Darshan is free of charge and is her Gift to the World.

  • ONE Darshan only per person.
  • You are asked to stay for the full length of Darshan, approximately 2 hours. People leaving early disturbs others in the Darshan hall.
  • Darshan is given in silence. Please remain silent while in the Darshan hall.
  • It is good to sit, meditate, and be still both before and after personal Darshan with Mother. Plan to stay for the full time. Mother will give a special blessing at the end of Darshan.
  • There will be help for those with special needs.
  • Please come with clean hair and bring a clean pair of socks to wear during Darshan.
  • Please do not bring your pets to Darshan.

If you need help booking online, or have further queries, please contact us directly by clicking here.


Mother Meera

"The Avatar comes from God and has the power and Light of God. The Avatar has a human body while God has no form and yet all forms."