Mother Meera Web Sites Around the World

Please note that Mother Meera Foundation UK has no control over websites in locations outside the United Kingdom. Each country's websites are hosted independently, there is no central, world-wide organisation. We list the sites here as a public service to those who would like to obtain information about Mother's activities in other countries.

Worldwide Sites
North America

European Sites
Guide to Darshan in Germany. Information on reservations, travel and accommodation.
United Kingdom

North American Sites
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Ashland, Oregon
Austin, Texas
Bellingham, Washington
Boston, Massachusetts
Burlington, Vermont
Chicago, Illinois
Cleveland, Ohio
Corvallis, Oregon
Denver/Boulder, Colorado
Fairfield, Iowa
Los Angeles, California
NYC / Connecticut
NYC / New Jersey
Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona
Rochester, New York
San Francisco, California
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Sedona, Arizona
Washington DC


Mother Meera

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