Mother Meera’s Work - A New Era

Mother Meera is a much-revered Indian avatar (i) who has lived quietly in a small village in the picturesque Lahn Valley in Germany since the 1980’s. On three or four evenings every week She has been unobtrusively giving Darshan, or silent spiritual blessing, to people who come from all over the world to be in Her presence. For many who have made the trip to Germany, it has been a wonderful pilgrimage.

Mother was born in 1960 and has been giving Darshan completely free of charge since She was seventeen, when people first began to seek out Her blessing and receive Her Light. For many years She did not travel outside Germany. Then in 2006, after decades of receiving beseeching requests from across the world, She began to travel and give Darshan, first throughout the United States and Canada, then in the UK, mainland Europe and more recently Australia (ii).

As Mother’s work is offered in silence, we do not know what has prompted this change in Her already tireless regime, but it seems to Her devotees that Mother is always completely and selflessly surrendered to the Divine in Her work; and that She is now offering the world what it needs at this time of great change.

It is also Mother’s wish to build permanent Darshan Halls in a number of places: America, Canada, France, the UK and elsewhere. Devotees in Britain are actively seeking a suitable site for this, and welcome help in this project to bring Mother’s work even closer to us here. Mother Meera does not allow fundraising, but anyone who wishes to donate land or funds is welcome to make contact at

Helpers are sometimes asked by people coming for Darshan for the first time - what is it like? What should I do?

Briefly, about 200 people gather together and sit in silence. Each person in turn receives a personal blessing from Mother, which consists of kneeling before Her while She touches your head, (pranam) then sitting back while She looks into your eyes (darshan). The process is very simple, but for many is deeply moving and a true blessing in their lives. Every person experiences Darshan differently; some would say that their lives have been subtly changed for ever after receiving Her touch.

Mother has said that we do not need to visit Her physically to receive Her blessing. If we focus on Her inwardly, or do japa (repeating Her name to ourselves) we can still feel Her Divine presence and help when we need it. But to those of us who are fortunate enough to be able physically to receive Mother’s Darshan, we still cherish that special moment of contact when we, as limited humans, are touched by the hand of the Divine. It hardly seems believable to be living in an age when such loving and dedicated Beings as Mother Meera are willing to come amongst us, to touch our lives and our hearts, and ask nothing in return from us other than that we should live harmoniously together, helping one another.

  1. (i) Avatar - Divine incarnation
  2. (ii) To date, Mother Meera has given Darshan to hundreds of thousands of people in dozens of cities in the following countries: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Holland, India, Ireland, Italy, UK, USA. We expect the list to go on growing.


Mother Meera

"There is no rest in this work; the highest serves most lovingly; the wisest listens best; the one who has seen gives his whole life to help others to see."